Friday, May 8, 2009

My contribution

Usually resisting the urge to follow the crown I hereby give in and post my contribution to New Zealand Music Month

“Puha and Pākehā”, recorded by Rod Derrett recorded in 1965

I don’t give a hangi for the Treaty of Waitangi,
You can’t get fat on that – give me some Puha and Pakeha.

You take a little umu and you get it very hot,
You catch a little Pakeha and put him in a pot,
Cook him all up in your old home brew,
And what have you got? Kiwi Stew.

I will have a dig around at home for the full lyrics.

Link to lyrics 1 only a portion of the lyrics but some people need to lighten up and the BSA agrees!

Link to lyrics 2 anyone studying NZ History might like some more detail.

Not found in any of Alison Holst's books I suspect: Waitangi Day Meal

Since I can't find a youtube of "Puha and Pakeha" here is one of my all time favorites:
Anchor Me


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