Friday, January 1, 2010

Day: 1

A new year has started - sun appears to be the same as yesterday... hot!
What this year will hold... only He who created all things and has ordered all things according to His good pleasure knows.

Today saw me spending a lot of time outside in and around the garden:
  • Re-fenced the vegetable patch, let's hope my tomatoes survive.
  • Mowed the duck paddock and low-lying paddock not sure how i would have coped without the ride-on.
  • Got sunburnt.
  • Mulched some of the mulching pile.
  • Removed a broken chook house door and designed a replacement - now all I need is the hardware, here I come Mitre 10.... tomorrow.
Blogging bits:
Keeping Stock have come out of retirement - woohoo! Wangavegas bloggers drinks are in order I say.
Herrick Kimball has posted his monthly update - always well worth waiting for!
MandM reading the news... at least it wouldn't be rubbish!


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