Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday Morning Musical Musings

Rez Band - White Noise

Defective youth, the writing's on the wall

Decline of the West, see the fallout fall

Violence, banner of the tough

Politicians playing blind man's bluff

Now what, whose deal?

What's truth, what's real?

Turn it down, turn it off

It's all white noise to me

America's missiles, a superpower blessed

A hungry child is crying, pretend it's just a test

Russia's got the gulag, Pretoria the bomb

Making sure the weak keep silent, move along

Defective man, the writing's on your heart

Reality of evil, tearing you apart

Hanging in the balance, you hear the Savior call

Make Him Lord of everything or see the nations fall

Now what, whose deal?

He's truth, He's real

Open up, start to feel

No more white noise for me


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