Friday, April 3, 2009

Windows Home Server (WHS)

Do you have multiple computers, with multiple "My Documents"/"My Pictures"/"My Videos"/.... do you lie awake at night worrying about how to backup each of these computers so you don't loose all those important documents/photos/videos/mp3s?

Let me introduce you to my best friend (BFF) - Windows Home Server - it does what servers do best - looks after all your data, whether it is on one computer or several. It becomes a central repository for backups, shared documents/photos/videos/etc. Each home cmoputer that connects to the home server is fully backed up every night, the server itself can be backed up to an external USB hdd. Running low on disk space - add a USB hdd and add it to the storage pool and windows home server will ensure your data is stored in multiple locations, just in case of failure! It will take your dog for a walk... not yet but one day...

Having been involved with servers since before Windows NT 4.0, this add-on to Windows 2003 server is the best thing to hit the home computer user ever! note - if you are/were a server admin you will need to un-learn some habits but once you get used to the admin console it is great!

The best part about it is the remote access - from anywhere in the world I can access my home server admin console or any home computer running XP Pro or Vista Business/Ultimate using remote desktop - it is very easy to configure and once setup it just works.


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